How to Create an Effective Facebook Ad

Facebook ads are a great way to target your direct consumer because you can pin point the ad by gender, age, geographic, interest, job type, and income level. You get to create your own campaign using photos, text, and anything you believe that will get you to your company’s goals.

Where to start

  1. Budget

Facebook ads are made to be pay to play, if you don’t spend enough money you will not see a return. You should expect to spend $20 daily off the bat for each Facebook ad in order to be effective. Your biggest goal of this ad should to get the consumer off of scrolling through Facebook and onto your website’s squeeze page. When selecting the type of ad Facebook offers different types of ads, here you want to select traffic and ignore everything else.

2. Pick Your Audience

You should not spend any money on advertising until you have your demographic clearly outlined. Using your five ideal customer personas, you should know their interests and where they are located. The more niche of interests the more likely your ad will be seen by someone who will take the time to click on your ad.

3. Pick your location

We all want to sell to everyone but to get bang for your buck you want to be selective in the areas in which you include in your ad campaign. It's a common to think the more people you reach the more customers you will receive. However, with Facebook ads, the broader of a scope you have will just be ineffective. If you set your location to a city facebook expects 68-283 clicks with a reach of 5.7-16k.

The larger the reach the fewer times a customer will see your ad more than once. With a detailed area and defined interest your ideal customer should see your ad multiple times a day, and hopefully, click to your website where you can trust your good/service to retain that customer for life.

4. Now that you published

You want to make sure your ad is taking people to a squeeze page, and just like the name suggestions you want to squeeze a limited about of information from them. Provide an offer, whether it be a ebook, downloadable worksheet, or any other freebie, then up sell

After a sufficient amount of time you (usually around a month) spend and adjust your company’s advertising according to results. Facebook analyzes the driven traffic for you, so you can easily see whether or not an ad is bringing in business. Test different zip codes and areas to find out how to best spend your money, and where more customers are located. You should continue your ads as long as you are getting a return. Keep in mind the type of good/service you are selling and consider if your customer may wait to buy, like an unnecessary good it may require a longer time of advertising.


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Before you get into your ad campaign or if you are having trouble defining your personas give our team a call to clearly market in an hour time.

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