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Join us for a mastermind created for driven, inspiring entrepreneurs.

If you are looking to connect with a supportive community of other entrepreneurs who are committed to your growth, you definitely want to join this group.

We share who we are, our wins and request support from each other.

Build Relationships, Get Referrals, and Get Advice From Industry Experts

In this Mastermind you will:

  • Meet and connect with experts and thought leaders
  • Collaborate with the best and right people that can help your business grow
  • Share about yourself and your business with new people weekly
  • Gain insights, tips, tricks, and a whole lot of value
  • Get referrals and affiliate partners
  • Drive yourself and your company forward!

The Brand Boutique Elite Mastermind is a FREE online event where we bring together all the experts who can help your business thrive. Get referrals, expert advice, and the opportunity to connect and collaborate with thought leaders in your niche! Learn from and be guided by your industry’s experts, get insider tips on how you can succeed, and pave the way to your success!

Hurry and sign up today! There is no time like the present to start putting yourself out there and growing your community!

Members directory coming soon!

See you inside!

Join us in our FREE Virtual Mastermind event at 12PM EST/9AM PST every Tuesday!

Why you should join the

Brand Boutique Elite Mastermind?

We know how easy it is to get off-track, to get distracted, and stuck especially when you’re doing it on your own.

We all need soundboards, a fresh set of eyes, expert advice, and new connections from time to time! But where do you meet like-minded people who really mean business?

...who knows what they’re doing?

...who can keep you on track and maybe even collaborate with you?

I know this from experience. In all my years of working in this field, it has become clear to me that I need a support system— and not just any support system. A support system that understands me and is as driven as I am.

I have also realized that it’s not easy to find the right one especially when you don’t know where to look or where to even start looking.

But don’t worry. We, at iMedia Exposure, have got you!

We have created a community that’s fit for a go-getter just like yourself.

Our Host + Founder

Farhana Cannon

Founder of iMedia Exposure

Global Brand Marketing Strategist

Farhana is energetic, passionate, and caring. She can light up the room and this is translated in her work. She is a social connector and always looking to put the right people and products together to gain further exposure and brand reach for her clients.

She has intuitive nature which is the ultimate benefit of working with her. She put herself in the shoes of those she works with and comes up with multiple solutions to any of their needs.

When you join this mastermind you will be able to meet all of the amazing experts she brings together in this group and will have access to weekly support from the group while also being able to showcase your brand.

Founding Members

Brand Boutique Elite Mastermind

Mimi Daraa

Founder of Maison Palo Santo

Breathwork Facilatator

Christine McKay

Founder of Venn Negotiation

Negotiation Strategist

Ronen Rahaman

Invictus Consulting

Business Coach

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