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FREE Instagram Marketing Guide

Learn how to attract, connect with, and convert your perfect customer on Instagram, how to pinpoint who your perfect customer is and how to find them on social media. Learn how to grow your followers, tell your brand story, position yourself as an expert in your space and capture leads through proven strategies.

You will be introduced to some amazing secrets with social media that most entrepreneurs do not even know about generating followers, leads & customers. You will love how Farhana ties in real-world applications to make it simple for everyone to understand how to utilize these ideas to fast-track your business.

Brand Boutique Elite Mastermind

Join us for a networking mastermind created for driven, inspiring soul-led entrepreneurs.

If you are looking to connect with a supportive community of other entrepreneurs who are committed to your growth, you definitely want to join this group.

We share who we are, our wins and request support from each other.

Build Relationships, Get Referrals, and Get Advice From Industry Experts.

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Brand Boutique Digital Marketing Course

In this 10-week program, you will create a strong marketing plan, your brand messaging defined, a sales and marketing funnel strategy to generate leads and turn them into sales, a content calendar, and marketing strategies to effectively promote your products and services.

Building a profitable brand online is attainable, and in the program, we break it down for you in bite-sized portions, so that you can create a plan and strategy that’s aligned with your goals and you can focus on working with your clients and doing the things you love.

iMedia Exposure's Founder

Farhana Cannon

Global Brand Marketing Strategist

Farhana is energetic, passionate, and caring. She can light up the room and this is translated in her work. She is a social connector and always looking to put the right people and products together to gain further exposure and brand reach for her clients.

She has intuitive nature which is the ultimate benefit of working with her. She put herself in the shoes of your target demographic and can really figure out the needs, likes, and motivations of these segments. This information is then taken a step further in their process and actual analytical data is captured and then the content is created to represent each company’s message.

She has created an amazing team that is extremely committed to their clients and will do what it takes to do a job well done. When you work with them you will feel as though they have been on your team for years and they will always be rooting you on.

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