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 I have been doing social media marketing for the last couple of years. I decided to make it the field for my career when asked what I really liked to do. My answer was help brands grow business threw marketing. The next question was which method of marketing do I think has the biggest impact. I responded social media. Companies can reach the most amount of people for free by using social media. I can also help more people around the world with social media because it does not require be to be in any specific location.

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iMedia Exposure is a strategic creative digital marketing agency that helps brands tell their story, share their purpose, generate leads, increase sales, create brand awareness, build expert credibility, and find their creative spirit. We believe that purposeful brands can both build community and provide solutions in the market. We develop brand concepts, strategic marketing plans, and integrated communications that help our clients stand out, connect with customers and stay relevant. We support our clients in engaging with their customers, as well as engaging with their perfect clients to grow followers and get more leads. We offer branding, marketing plan creation, social media marketing, and content creation. We provide clients with training, coaching, and done for your programs.

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Farhana Cannon, CEO and founder of iMedia Exposure, taught students the basics of utilizing social media for professional networking. According to Cannon, individuals need to market themselves as a small business with a carefully curated brand. She encouraged the students to establish a presence on key professional social channels and offered tips to get the most out of their networks. 

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A bright and welcoming taqueria opened in 2019 on a plot in Savin Hill that had been empty for more than a decade. The cheeky “Hot in Dot,” a neon-inspired LED light custom-made by a company called Echo Neon, makes reference to that up-and-coming Dorchester location, as well as to the spicy fare on the menu.

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Starting a business is never a smooth journey but its really about enjoying the journey and learning from the things that come your way. I think it is important to do what you love and give it your all with no regret. I feel like when you choose to do something that you love it doesn’t feel like work anymore but more like an expression of yourself. I love fashion, supporting women businesses and helping women feel confident (and sometimes that looks like the perfect outfit for a meeting or event.) I get to do all of this in my business on a regular basis.

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Farhana Cannon is a 28-year-old entrepreneur specializing in social media coaching. She's a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City with a major in Merchandising. Her mother is Trinidadian, but she lives and works out of Boston. Straight out of school she began working in marketing and branding for natural health and luxury brands, managing events, sales PR, product placement, and social media for several companies...


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