What People Are Saying About Us…


Austin P.

Boston, MA

Farhana is very driven and inspiring to be around. She is an expert in social media and helping companies increase their exposure and revenue. She has a thirst for knowledge and is always up to date on the latest marketing, social media and fashion trends. Moreover, she creates opportunities for herself while coaching others how to do so. I highly recommend her.

Kay H.

Tallahassee, FL

Farhana is on top of her game in social media. What I appreciated most was her flexibility in modifying her contract to accommodate the specific needs of my key client - a cabin rental/sales business, both in terms of the length of the contract and the types of social media pertinent to this industry. I learned a great deal just watching her creativity in coming up with new ideas for engaging customers on Facebook, then re-posting in G+, and I'm following her example now that I can do my own posting. She also set us up in Pinterest, twitter and instagram, created calls to action, and was responsive via text or email - which is so important to me. If you don't know much about social media and just don't have the time for it, give Farhana a call and see what she can do for your business. She is still responsive, even though I am handling the social media for this client. I would recommend her to small businesses who need help getting their brand out on social media quickly! 

Craig D.

Toronto, CN

Thank you Farhana for doing such a great job working with myself as well as my marketing team. We learned a lot of valuable information on how to optimize our usage of social media platforms and we appreciate you having such a flexible schedule which really helped us to plan our meetings around our company events! We're very excited to be putting this information to good use and we wish you all the best with your business and future clients!

Omar B.

Boston, MA

Farhana is an absolute pleasure to work with! She is super knowledgeable and a leader in social media marketing. My business partner and I have attended several of Farhana's social media marketing workshops and attained an incredible amount valuable, useful information that has helped improve our use of social media for marketing purposes, ultimately improving the growth of our business! I would absolutely recommend Farhana and iMedia Exposure to any business owner looking to improve their presence on social media marketing tools!!! 

Reginalde M.

Boston, MA

After taking one of Farhana Cannon webinar, I was impressed by her knowledge. I hired her as the manager of my social media.She did an excellent work taking my existing social media to a professional level. I highly recommend iMedia Exposure to any business wanting to gain the most of their social media.

Tracy S.

Boston, MA

I attended one of Farhana's social media presentations recently and i was easily impressed #1 she was able to capture the audience with a great smile,positive energy and stimulating presentation. Farhana is extremely knowledgeable and will always answer questions regarding her expertise in the field of social media. I look forward to future events and hope to work with Farhana in the future. I would recommend Farhana to help you with your social media marketing needs and encourage anyone even in the bit of slightly interested to get in touch with her, your slight interest will immediately change to fully interested. She certainly captured my attention and I have changed a few of my tactics here in the office.

Maureen N.

Boston, MA

I attended one of Farhana's social media presentations and was very impressed how she was able to capture the audience with great content and presentation. Farhana is a star and is extremely knowledgeable in the dynamic field of social media. I look forward to future events and hope to work with Farhana in the future. I recommend Farhana to help you with your social media marketing needs.

Annika K.

Boston, MA

I attended Farhana's presentation last week, Social Media Marketing for Business. She did a great job explaining how social media could help my company reach and expand our client base using free resources such as facebook and twitter. I am looking forward to her webinars on the various platforms and implementing a strategy with her expertise.

Jessica S.

São Paulo, Brazil

I´m graduated in advertising in Brazil and moved to Boston months ago. I took Social Media class ministered for Farhana at Bunker Hill Community College this summer and got very impressed! She is an amazing professional and made every class interesting, usable and productive. She also was my influencer for getting started a master in Social Media. She's an expert about what she speaks and it makes you really trust and follow her advice. I improved my business so much after her course than I probably would do it several times. I really had a wonderful time during the classes program, personally and professionally.

T. Gracie

Boston, MA

I took a 10 week course that Farhana directed at Bunker Hill Community College in Boston to learn more about Social Media Marketing for my family's business. She is very knowledgeable and with the "hands on" technique, she made the class enjoyable to come to every week. She has many ideas to help you with your online presence. Even though I took this course for a "small business" venture, I will be able to use what I learned from her class with my present job.

Wayne P.

Boston, MA

Farhana certainly knows her business. And her business is social media marketing and getting you company to use it for results.

Donald W.

Boston, MA

Farhana knows her media. She is a great presenter but most importantly a great listener.

Maryellen J.

Boston, MA

Amber is a go-getter. She's confident and is extremely knowledgable about social media and digital marketing, from campaign strategy to analytics. Her passion for sales and marketing is contagious. It's great to have Amber's energy fueling the next project.

Ronald P.

Boston, MA

Amber is truly passionate about digital and social media and it shows. Always innovative in her thinking and self-motivated, it is motivating to work with her.